My Money My Future

Website Application


My Money My Future is a web platform that serves to empower under-served millennials by providing financial planning tools to guide them through key financial decisions.

Business Goals

  • Direct user to create accounts and enroll in financial management plans.

Design Goals

  • Design a dashboard that is not overwhelming and communicates the key features of the product effectively.


Meet Ana

Ana is a 23 year old Latinx millennial who just started her first job in tech as a software engineer.   She lives in an expensive city so she wants to make sure she stays on budget so that she can pay down her student loan debt.  Now that she has a full-time job she wants to save and maybe even invests some of her money but she’s been feeling overwhelmed by it all. She didn’t grow up talking about money or getting financial advice from her parents so she doesn’t know where to start.

User Flow Chart - My Money My Future


With initial sketches I explored different dashboard layouts and features that allowed me to get initial feedback from users and helped me decide what features where essential to include first and which ones where too overwhelming for users.


Low-fidelity wireframes allow me to continue to get feedback from users about the general layout of the dashboard and general understanding of how they can sign up for the plans.


Branding Collateral

My Money My Future Business Cards

My Money My Future Logo

My Money My Future Launch Announcement