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WatermanPro is a mobile fitness tracking application designed to help amateur and professional paddling athletes have a overall view of how well they perform in a range of different water sports.  The application tracks and ranks their performance and helps them in turn adjust their training and gauge how they compare to other paddlers all over the world.

My Role

User Experience Design

User Interface Design



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Understanding Paddlers Needs

I surveyed about 20 paddlers of different modalities and interviewed 5 paddlers to better understand their current training habits and pain points when keeping track of their training. Our main goals was to understand three things;

  • Are paddlers tracking their workouts on an existing apps effectively.
  • What information do they find most useful to track.
  • How do paddlers use this data.


Insights from Surveys & Interviews
  • When paddling its hard to look at your watch to really know how well you are performing. They usually check it at the end of their workouts not during.
  • Paddlers who have used apps that pair with their wearable devices often feel overwhelmed by the amount of data information they are given.
  • They currently don’t use an app to track their workouts that is specific to paddling.

Story Board


Through the research I discovered that there wasn’t any existing paddling specific applications that had paddling sports customization built into it or one that didn’t require additional hardware.

The hardware solution provided by SpeedCoachOC2 was outrigger specific and the hardware alone added an additional cost that surpassed the $400 mark.

Garmin was the most widely used wearable among the paddlers I interviewed but the customization for paddling sports included rowing but didn’t include other sports like kayaking or outrigger.

I wanted to create an affordable solution that provided the essential data needed and was easy to use for any paddler at any level.


Defining the Persona

Meet Danny

Danny is a 30 year old multi-disciplinary paddler.  He usually paddles on the weekends or after work and uses a gps watch to track his fitness data.  He often paddles alone so its hard for him to push himself to train at the level that he wants to be to compete. He also wishes he could meet other paddlers that share his same interests and go out on paddling trips together.

User Flow

The user flow shows the journey of the user through the app including the connection to the wearable device and capturing the data that it can provide on the app to the sharing of training information after the workout on social media. This guided me initially in deciding what interfaces I would have to design for.


From rough sketches to higher resolution wire-frames on Sketch, I prioritized the interfaces needed to convey the user flow through the key functionality of the app.

  • Allowing users to log their workouts for both indoor/outdoor paddling sessions.
  • Offer easy to digest data and provide unique customization including equipment used.
  • Allow users to share their training through social media and compare their results in how they rank among other paddlers in different modalities.

Equipment Setup Flow

Start | Pause | Stop Workout Flow